Frequently Asked Questions

How does this whole picnic thing work?

Great question! So it's pretty simple. You pick the day, time, and place to host your picnic. We will come set-up before you and your guests arrive. You bring your own food and drinks when you come, but we would love to bring the food with us if you need us to. When your allotted time is over we will take down all of our equipment and be on our way.

What's included in every picnic?

Curated Picnic and Decor

Pillow Seating for Each Guest

Plates, Bowls, Silverware, and Stemmed Glasses

Custom Welcome Sign to Fit your Occasion

Bluetooth Speaker

A Blanket

String Lights if Desired

Multiple Packages Available

Is food included?

Unfortunately, we do not provide the food for your picnic. The good news is you are welcome to bring any type of food you would like whether it be homemade, from your favorite restaurant, or even fast food! The possibilities are endless.

WHat if it rains?

In the case of inclement weather, we will contact you about rescheduling your event. If we can't reschedule your event we will issue a refund. With that being said, we are always willing to bring the picnic to you whether it be indoors or in your backyard.

What if i have more than 8 guests?

Awesome! We would be happy to accomodate you. Since we are a newer company just starting up, we will need some advance notice to make sure we can give you all the picnic of your dreams. If we can make it happen, we will!

Can i have a special theme or color scheme?

Absolutely! We do want to make this extra special for you. If we have the stuff we can easily make the switch free of charge, but if not we may have to do a little shopping and give you an estimate of additional charges.

I still have questions!

No problem! Just shoot us an email at info@the-proper-picnic.com and we can address any specific questions or concerns you have.